Sunday, April 7, 2013

It's Been A Busy Week!

Not only did the Easter Bunny visit our little street last week but so did the Stork!  My gorgeous next door neighbours - Casey and Jonte - welcomed their newest addition, Hamish Jack and he was 4 weeks earlier than expected!  Well that threw a spanner into my creative works as I only had girly quilt tops made up on stand by.  Luckily it was nothing a quick trip to Spotlight and a few hours of sewing couldn't fix and by the time they came home on Easter Monday I had a custom made quilt ready and waiting for them :)  I used this tutorial then added an extra row plus some machine appliquing -

Another quilt I am working on at the moment is for my daughter Abbie (she already has quite a few but loves frogs so I couldn't say no when she asked if it was for her!).  I am using the "Perfect 10" pattern by Swirly Girl Designs ( and finally cutting into my Sarah Fielke's "On The Pond" range of fabrics.  Each of the 8 bordered squares will contain a paper pieced frog which I thought was an appropriate use of such gorgeous fabrics!  The frog is a pattern I purchased from etsy (

So this new project, together with my son's Hunter's Star quilt and my ever growing WIP basket, is keeping me busy and out of trouble ... for the time being anyway ;)

Happy Sunday everyone xo

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